about nukeygara
                        who we are?

Driven to create the 3D
             animation software of tomorrow 

Nukeygara was founded in 2014 in Lyon, France by Aurélien Charrier and Yannick Rousseau, animation and software R&D professionals, to develop the next generation of 3D animation software.
We took time to completely rethink traditional 3D animation workflows and rebuild a software solution from scratch.

the nukeygara core team

Aurélien Charrier

Aurélien Charrier, creator of akeytsu, looks after product design, product management and communication. Graduate of the prestigious Gobelins L'Ecole de l'image in Paris, he has over twelve years experience in the video game industry as Animator, Lead Animator and Animation Software Designer. Passionate about ergonomics and animation tools he now devotes all his energy to developing the best 3D animation software on the market.

Cédric Vidal-Duvernet

Cédric Vidal-Duvernet manages technology as well as hiring new talented software developers for akeytsu.
With eight years as a R&D Team Leader in the video game industry and as a developer of games  (Steam, Xbox) and general software for clients, Cédric helps sets the strategy that guides nukeygara into the future. 

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