nukeygara is a french company founded in 2014 in Lyon by Aurélien Charrier and Yannick Rousseau, animation and software R&D professionals, to develop  and offer a new vision of 3D animation software.

Aurélien Charrier

Aurélien Charrier is in charge of product design, product management and communication. Coming from Gobelins, he has about 12 years of work experience as Animator, Lead Animator and Animation Software Designer in video game industry. Passionate about ergonomics and animation tools he decided to devote himself full time to animation software developpement.

Yannick Rousseau

Yannick Rousseau is in charge of the complete software technology. He has about 12 years of work experience as R&D software engineer in video game industry. Paying special attention to efficiency and ergonomics, he developed programs for internal/private use as well as for a general audience.
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