akeytsu beta 3.4 available

New Features
  • UI Scaling for 4K monitor display (involving graphical resources global rework) 
  • Shortcut Manager 
  • Autosave 
  • RotateBall (Multi-Axis Rotation Gizmo Handling) 
  • Added multiple file path memory (Open, Save as, Import & Export) Added Picker IK button 

  • IK solver “rigidity” improvement with better support of “more than 3 joints” chains
  • Licensing: new simplified integrated way to get/use akeytsu Trial licenses
  • "Create key" from Stacker and from Timebar are now unified. Shortcut key K and stacker button now initiate either one or the other depending on the timeline cursor position. 
  • In BindPose, Painter brush is now greyed meaning paint actions are neutralized
  • Improvement of performance when shift is clicked over curveboard   

Bug Fixes
  • Fbx Imports functionality now collapses all the layers Akeyboy_sample file is now 1.8 meter high 
  • Default scene settings updated to work with standard sized characters 
  • No more wrong merge of animation layers when importing fbx exported from akeytsu 
  • Paint Tool shortcut is now unavailable in Anim mode 
  • Joint duplication has now the right orientation 
  • First and last keys tangents of unlooped animations are now correct 
  • No more destroyed skinned mesh when deleting the skeleton IK Targets are now automatically delete when IK joints are 
  • No more red, blue or green viewport background when last key tangent is dragged in the curveboard 
  • Joint dialog/Remove & Tree dialog/Delete are now forbidden when one of the selected objects cannot be deleted 
  • Optimized Tree/Select Hierarchy when tree is expanded “Compensated Scale” and “Not Compensated Scale” objects are now imported/exported correctly 
  • Key copy/paste feature now use joint name matching first (if possible) 
  • Log lines are no longer overlapped in all cases   

Crash Fixes
  • Sometimes if a file was closed 
  • Desallocated Mesh data were sometimes used to free GL data When binding skin with very high polygon models 
  • When Properties Dialog is refreshed as soon as one of its checkboxes has been used 
  • When a not-controller (Mesh for instance) is selected with "hammer" feature activated 
  • When MMB double clicking on a joint, with active Painter When exiting akeytsu from the Enter License dialog 
  • When modifying character pivot (this is now a forbidden action) When the Picker selected joint is not in the current animation (disabled transform values editing in this case) 
  • When picking timebar key left border 
  • When a character owns non skinned meshes