akeytsu update 3.5 available

  • Added “Automatic UI scaling” checkbox in General preferences in order to turn off the feature 
  • Changed “Automatic UI scaling” steps 
  • If a computer is used by several users (ex. schools), the license is no more reserved to the user who has registered it. Other users of the computer can now use akeytsu. However this modification forces users to re-enter their license number at first start.   

Crash Fixes
  • When file is exported on an already existent fbx file (or when a file is saved as an already existent file) 
  • If user saves, undoes, then makes a new change 
  • When editing transform tab value in animation mode (when there is no current animation track) 
  • When opening non-akt file with Open Scene... 
  • When clicking on Stacker/Select All Keys or Half-Keys without stacker (empty scene). 
  • When creating a joint without Character in the current scene   

Bug Fixes
  • The undo submenu entries were without effect, now they undo again.  
  • Press Alt key alone does not anymore freeze akeytsu until next interaction 
  • Fbx Import with skinned mesh pivots not in 0,0,0 works now correctly   
  • No more problem when starting a joint chain downward.