(last update prior to V1)

akeytsu update 3.6.4 available

New Features
  • Copy/Paste Skin
  • UE4 and Unity skeleton samples 
(Please take a look at our fresh "How to" section to discover how to use these two features)

  • Option to hide 3D manipulator if skin painter is active (excepted if mouse is above the Spinner) 

Crash fixes
  • License management looped on some Windows versions
  • Selecting a non skinned mesh and joints, then editing a channel in the Transform window led to a crash 

Bug fixes
  • CycleMaker does not offset anymore a non-tagged joint child of tagged one (tagged means has "_L"-like suffix) 
  • No more shader codeline leading to a shader compilation error on old Intel drivers
  • Renaming the bind pose in Character bank does not lead anymore to transparent text 
  • Paint Remove and Paint Target (re)work correctly if weight was 1.0
  • Now we force skinning weights normalization during FBX import

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