akeytsu beta 3.1 available

  • Targa texture files format is now handled
  • Log potential shader errors at startup compilation
  • Clicking on a dialog wheel now opens Preferences window (and selects the right line) 

  • Hidden skinned meshes are not treated by Paint brush anymore
  • Unified Wireframe ghost rendering: Wireframe ghosts were not displayed the same way according to main rendering option (Textured or Wireframe)
  • Ghost rendering was sometimes degraded by an obstructive transparent object
  • Combo control first item exposed a wrong value
  • Mouse cursor was not drawn when hovering a [curveboard] curve
  • Black screens were drawn when resizing akeytsu main window
  • There was a “no man’s land” pixel between views in multiviews mode
  • Diffuse brush was sometimes used while opaque brush was selected in Painter dialog
  • A few Skin workshop buttons were not disabled in Bind Pose
  • Ctrl + LMB did not allow anymore multi joints selection