Akeytsu Nukeygara

What if character animation
finally became far easier...

akeytsu, an innovative 3D program 
                                   dedicated to animation

Developed by nukeygara, akeytsu is a brand new 3D program dedicated solely to character animation and rigging, for the animation and video games industries. 

simplicity, velocity and ergonomics  

With its artistic-oriented approach, akeytsu breaks up classic standards of current broad-based solutions by providing a new workflow built on simplicity, velocity and ergonomics. 

Artistic tools used to be conceived by engineers, thus demonstrating a level of complexity inconsistent with artist users. This time is over. 

"We will give power back to artists with software fitting to them." 

They will easily find their bearings because it is designed specifically for their needs.

Last News from Nukeygara

nukeygara at Cartoon Movie

nukeygara will be present at Cartoon Games, part of Cartoon Movie

You want to help ?

So send us some FBX...

First akeytsu demo in Paris

Thursday, January 29th


From akeytsu to Unity

2015, prepare for take off

Beta is coming...

nukeygara wishes

Hi guys, akeytsu will...


Important nukeygara news

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"Bypassing animation complexity": a Graphic Speak article

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nukeygara interview by Mike Seymour 

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Back from SIGGRAPH 2014

nukeygara was exhibitor on French Pavilion booth # 921

akeytsu pricing

nukeygara unveils licensing policy

What about IK ?

First IK screenshot

What studio made our akeyboy ?

Answer : Vanilla Seed

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Lesterbanks talks about akeytsu

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CG Channel talks about akeytsu

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3DVF.com full interview

Video teaser

akeytsu video teaser available

nukeygara at SIGGRAPH 2014

nukeygara will exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2014 on August 12th, 13th and 14th.

nukeygara Mifa Conference

nukeygara will unveil akeytsu during Emerging Tools Mifa conference on June 13th.

nukeygara at Annecy Mifa 2014

nukeygara will be present at Mifa 2014 on June 11th, 12th and 13th.

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