A new page for Akeytsu

By Aurélien Charrier
(Note: The company doesn't exist anymore. For the ones who can’t wait the future official release of free Akeytsu (Windows only), please grab free ex-Educational licenses now available for anyone. For subscription owners, please know that Akeytsu is already free for you since few months. For maintenance owners, nothing to renew anymore. Thx)

Dear Akeytsu fans, dear fellow animators and riggers,

First of all, thank you so much for your patience and understanding during these long months of silence. The year 2021 has been extremely hard for Nukeygara and the difficulties encountered forced us to find a buyer. 2021 was for us an incessant fight.

Akeytsu has never been a software like the others. It’s a passion product combining strong identity and unique workflow whose singularity must be preserved, whose difference has all its place into CG market. It’s inside an environment fully in harmony with my ideals, a school, symbol of transmission and bearer of many values, that Akeytsu will follow its route. I have the pleasure to announce you that Game Sup, video game school based in Lyon (France) is now its benevolent home.

A big news goes along with this new stage as the current Akeytsu version being soon perpetual and free for everyone: schools and students, of course, but also Indies and studios. That will enable our software to finally spread without any break and offer the visibility it deserves. And on account of its current capacities and impressive accessibility it will interest without any doubt a lot of developers. The ways and means of Akeytsu’s future are not yet completely set but, after a necessary transition time, Game Sup’s goal is to pursue the development into the direction I initiated.

You know how much Akeytsu is important to me and all the energy I involved to make it exist and grow. So, thank you all for your support and warm messages during all these years, showing how much its accessibility and so singular philosophy (artistic & manual centric) mean every day to you. Thank you for your curiosity. Thank you for being able to see all the breadth, freshness and depth offered by this software. Thank you, last, to appreciate the passion behind this product because it is, without any doubt, its motor.

Nukeygara doesn’t exist anymore but a new page is opening for Akeytsu with Game Sup, different but promising and I intend to be part of it.

Thanks for continuing to support Akeytsu because it is here more than ever, faithful to its DNA and its principles and soon available to everyone. Thanks to my team and to all the people that assisted me during the first part of this amazing adventure.

Stay tuned for the rest,
Aurélien Charrier