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Provided that you observe the above, you CAN use Free Characters for demo reels, educational assignements and animation contests.


Credits: Vanilla Seed
Akeyboy is our first-born, our protégé, our mascot if you will and one day (sooner than later) he'll grow up to become stronger.

By studying his animations you'll learn how to build motion according to a pose-based philosophy.


Credits: Etienne "Vexod14" Beschet
e-LysE is an android assassin who will not shy away from her target. Armed with her katana se'll take on any foe.

Her sample file embeds basic lcomotion cyles for integration in game engines and 3D textures on top just because we want her to look gorgeous.


Credits: Sergey Katsukov, Hocus Pocus Studio, Etienne Beschet
SkySurfer is a stylized space gunman still looking to recover his board and weapon lost in some remote planet.

Here blendshapes have been loaded and controlled in akeytsu to create facial expressions that can be assembled to create dialogs.