Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


! IMPORTANT ! Although still using licensing for the moment (free licenses + account), the current version of akeytsu is now free. It means that the following points about paid licensing (subscriptions, freeze, etc.) do not apply. 

Perfectly suited for character animation, akeytsu is your production-ready keyframe solution for mobile and console games, indie inventive projects, VR experiences and larger productions. Animating bipedes, multipedes or any uncommon creature in keyframe has never been as exciting and efficient than with akeytsu. Going forward, Nukeygara is committed to provide their users with three release packs a year.

For more information on our different license types and their restrictions, please read our EULA. Any paid license gives you the right to use akeytsu for commercial purposes. Trial and education license are subject to specific terms detailed below. For technical information, please click the below to access akeytsu manual.



What’s akeytsu EULA (End-User License Agreement) ?

The akeytsu EULA is a legal document which you are agreeing to when you request a license key from us or start using akeytsu. It governs your use of akeytsu, describes your rights, eligibility for a given license type and obligations when creating animations with akeytsu. You can download our EULA as a PDF here (EULA starts on page 7) or read it online here.

Our EULA is currently only available in English but feel free to reach out to sales@nukeygara.com if you wish for clarifications.

Can I implement akeytsu within my existing 3D asset pipeline ?

Akeytsu was designed to be inserted at the heart of a 3D asset pipeline between your modeling, texturing software and rendering/game engine solution. You can rig, skin and animate with our tool.

We use a native .AKT format to work within the tool. We interoperate with other software through .FBX. More details about Import/Export capabilities here. We recommend to bake animations when exporting as our proprietary rig controllers (IK, RF) cannot be interpreted outside of akeytsu.

What software can I use akeytsu with ?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of compatible game engines/tools: Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, MotionBuilder, Cinema 4D, Blender, Modo, Marmoset Toolbag, iClone.

I work within a studio that doesn’t use akeytsu, how can I give it a try ?

Feel free to start with our 30-day trial that can be downloaded here. Our trial version includes the full feature set. If you need more time to run internal tests and determine how to implement akeytsu within your pipeline, please contact sales@nukeygara.com to request a Not-For-Resale (NFR) license. NFS license are floating and can be set up to accommodate for multiple seats under a single license key.

What are akeytsu’s system requirements ?

Being a very focused program, akeytsu can run under very low specs. For comfort of use, we recommend a desktop computer with OSX 10.12 64 bits or Windows Vista 64 bits or higher, 4 GB RAM, a dual-core processor and a DX9-compatible GPU with a VRAM of 2GB and Open GL 3.3 capabilities. Akeytsu will run on desktops and laptops below these recommendations, but performance may be limited.

What support resources are available ?

You can browse through our blogs and tutorials, read our documentation, visit our forums or contact us if you need help. We usually get back to you within 48 hours. We also run a DISCORD server where fellow members of our growing community and Nukeygara staff can be of assistance.
Our software comes with the akeyboy 3D skinned model plus sample animations and two pre-set skeletons for Unity Engine 4 and Unity with the correct hierarchies so that you can spread your wings and start riding our dragonfly quickly.

What operating systems are supported ?

We currently only support Windows. A macOS version will be released in September.

How often will you update akeytsu ?

2018 was a drought in terms of updates for akeytsu as key members from the team were taken away from software development to raise funds and structure the company. More about this here. Going forward, Nukeygara is committed to become more incremental and provide akeytsu users with a regular stream of updates. We are envisioning quarterly release packs at this point but you should not quote us on that until we have lived through it.

Can I suggest changes/improvements to akeytsu ?

You are more than welcome to do so. Part of what we are planning next for 2019 was requested by or inspired by the community. The best place to do that is on our forums in the Bug report or Feature request sections. You may also suggest ideas on our DISCORD server in the right akeytsu channel.


Can I get akeytsu for free ?

For educational purposes excluding any commercial use, head over to our Education license section. Akeytsu is free for Students & Teachers. We also offer 15 free seats for Schools & Universities.

Otherwise feel free to start with a 30-day trial by visiting this page. Our trial version includes the full feature set.

Can I extend my trial over 30 days ?

A trial version cannot be extended. However we may grant you a Not-For-Resale license if you require more time ti run internal test to implement akeytsu in your production pipeline. For more information, please contact sales@nukeygara.com.

I am considering getting a paid license, what license type shall I choose?

Indie license apply for any company/entity whose revenues do not exceed $ 100.000 per year. You should be looking at a Pro license if your business earns more on an annual basis.

Where can I get my license number ?

Hit the “Manage License” button in the “Enter License” box when booting akeytsu. You can also find it in Help\License. This will lead you to your account page where all your license keys are listed.

Can I use an akeytsu license on several PCs ?

Yes. All our licenses are floating and may be used on multiple computers provided you don’t exceed the number of concurrent activations ie. seats you purchased.

Can I use akeytsu offline ?

Yes. We will ask you to go online if we are unable to check your license for a long period of time.

How do I know about the latest akeytsu update ?

You will get a pop-up on boot when a new version is released unless you have indicated in General prefererences that you did not wish to check for updates.

Am I allowed to share an akeytsu license between multiple users ?

Yes but a seat should be purchased for each end user.


What do I get with an akeytsu LIVE subscription ?

You get access to a license that lets you to always be up-to-date and use the latest version of akeytsu. In the case of a monthly subscription you’ll also have the option to dynamically change the number of active seats.

As an early adopter, do I keep my 2017 akeytsu license when I choose to subscribe to akeytsu LIVE ?

Of course if you acquired a perpetuql license for version 1.2.1 or earlier, it will be yours forever. Please visit our release history page here if you need to download the executable again.

Can I cancel when I want ?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. You will still get the opportunity to License Freeze as long as you meet the conditions for it.

What does License Freeze exactly mean ?

A License Freeze is the ability to transform a subscription into a perpetual license. This only applies to Indie akeytsu LIVE licenses.
This perpetual license will be for the latest release at the time of the freeze. Further maintenance may be purchased if you which to update akeytsu subsequently.

When am I entitled to a License Freeze ? How much do I have to pay before I can License Freeze ?

You must be an Indie akeytsu LIVE subscriber and have paid subscription fees for at least 12 months out of the last 15 calendar months (on a monthly or annual plan). We charge a $59.99 fee to freeze subscription. Please write us at sales@nukeygara.com to request a subscription freeze.

What happens if I freeze a license with multiple seats ?

If you have never changed the number of seats associated with your license, this should work as expected. If not the lowest number of the 12 highest numbers of Seats associated with your akeytsu LIVE license over the last 15 months will determine the number of Seats associated with the frozen Perpetual License.
In any case, a recap message will tell you how many seats can be frozen before you confirm your License Feeze.

What happens if I have a payment issue ?

If for any reason we can’t get payment of your recurrent subscription fee, your license will expire on your subscription renewal date. We will try to charge you again over the next 3 days days. After a maximum of 4 attempts, we will stop trying and you’ll have 6 months to reactivate your license.


I get this message after having updated akeytsu "Your licence does not match this Akeytsu version Please download the right version on our website", what does it mean ?

Your key is most likely not entitled to a 2019.x.x version but still valid for 1.2.1. Please visit our release history page if you need to download the executable again.

2019.1.1 was pushed out to accommodate subscription license so you are not missing on any important updates for now.

Are you going subscription-only ?

No, perpetual licensing will continue to coexist in parallel of our akeytsu LIVE rent-to-own offer.

I am an early adopter who bought a perpetual license, what are my upgrade options ?

We are still working on the back-end but you will have the option to buy a 12-month maintenance for your perpetual license at $129 (for Indies). We are targeting September for this so that you don't miss out on anything.

How does maintenance work for perpetual license ?

Every perpetual license comes with a free 12-month maintenance period starting from the date of purchase. After this initial period you may choose to continue using your perpetual license as is or renew maintenance by paying a maintenance fee for another twelve months.

Can I renew maintenance for more or less than 12 months ?

When under maintenance, you will be able to extend maintenance for a further 12 months but we don't offer maintenance period for a shorter amount of time.


Can I teach with akeytsu in my classroom ?

Nukeygara actively supports the use of akeytsu in places of learning. Please contact us if your wish to get special training Upon request we also offer to train academic staff. Please contact us for enquiries.

What provisions does the akeytsu End-User License Agreement (EULA) make for educational use ?

Education license are meant for educational or personal use only. Licenses are free for students and teachers and we also offer 15 free seats for any academic institutions. For site licensing over 15 concurrent activations, contact us to get a discounted academic pricing.

What does this mean for students who wish to release projects made with akeytsu commercially ?

Important ! As said in our blog, current version of Akeytsu being free, ex-Education license allow now to use akeytsu for commercial projects. 

Why is akeytsu well-suited for 3D visual art programs ?

Because of its ergonomics and ease-of-use, akeytsu is an ideal vessel to introduce aspiring artists to 3D animation. As akeytsu borrows techniques from 2D traditional animation it can serve as a bridge in a transition course to 3D arts. Eventually akeytsu can be taught as part of a specialization course for animators looking to widen their toolset and become more efficient while keeping animation creative and fun in a production environment.

Can I create official documentation and textbooks ?

Yes. We would love to hear about any contributions you'd like to make. Please utilize our resources and share information with the community. You can kick off discussions about this on the forums or chat with us on DISCORD about it.


I haven't found the answer I'm looking for, what can I do ?

Surely we can help. Please head over to our Help Center and let us know.