2020.3.8 White Release

By Nukeygara

We are bringing existing features to the desired quality level with this patch. While these were functional when pushed they needed more work to match akeytsu's easy-to-use DNA. This includes a rework of our Space Switching workflow which is now much more intuitive and easy to set up within exsiting animation layers rather than a separate one. We have also refined our Ghosts so that they be displayed correctly when previewing cameras. 

Note : akeytsu 2020.3.8 is available for Windows and macOS users

You can read about the highlights of this release below. Our technical documentation has been updated. Visit release history for the full changelist.


Space Switching is now directly chosen within MRS layers rather than a separate one. It will now be much easier to Space Switch on the side provdied you have identified an object has one that you want to space switch when animating in the rigging section. In Animation mode, you'll just need to locate the dedicated Space Switch channel in the Transform panel. Any object will by default be Space Switched to its parent but can be dynamically Space Switched on whatever keyframe.
More information on the Space Switching workflow in the dedicated Akeyschool article updated with new Quick Start Instructions.


We improved our ghost system so that it works perfectly when previewing cameras. Ghosts are now correctly displayed in the right perspective.
When the camera is animated, ghosts show the position in previous/next frame/key so you can easily track your character and his trajectories.


We have cleaned a bunch of things to bring more stability and comfort to akeytsu. Here are some worthy mentions:
  • The matching is now saved when retargeting and automatically loaded when retargeting panel is prompted
  • Minor UI refinements and it's worth mentioning long joint names are now correctly displayed in weight editor 
  • And a lot of bug fixes across the board...
That's all folks ! Let the animation time begin !

We need your help to make akeytsu a better tool.
Write us on forums or our discord channel if you would like us to consider improvements.