akeytsu now in synch on mac OS

By Charles-Arthur BOURGET

Executing on our new year's resolutions we brought akeytsu 2020.3.4 with all 2020 updates to macOS. With this, macOS users can now enjoy a fully up-to-date akeytsu with the same intuitive, interactive and efficient rigging and animation experience as on PC.

We had halted the macOS releases last year after we detected some issues in library code we used for the FBX exporter on that platform. While it was always our intention to get back in synch, we had to temporarily prioritize developments that were laid out in the 2020 roadmap.

With that done and the winter holidays behind us, we got back to it with the firm intention to get akeytsu up-to-date. And there you go.The full akeytsu toolset is now available on macOS operating systems. Apple lovers can now wield our standalone rigging and 3D animation software and enjoy the exact same set of features as PC users. 
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More and more 3D programs make sure to reach out macOS users with a dedicated version. We chose to develop ours with the Qt cross-platform framework which has a proven trackrecord that ensures a smooth experience across multiple devices with high runtime performance.

The use of Qt considerably simplify app development across different platforms and beyond macOS it could have us release on Linux as well at some point.


With the jump from 2019.4.6 (las macOS release) to 2020.3.4, macOS users will gain access to everything released over last year. That includes our now polished toolset for Indie developers looking to rig their characters and create keyframe animations much faster within an accessible environment.

On top of that we've been adding some more advanced features last year that expand their possibilities:
  • A biped Auto Rig that gives you a functional rig in less than 5 min
  • The possibility to place and rig Cameras to create simple cinematics
  • Our Retargeting module to transfer over animations across characters
  • Support of .BVH files at import to load potential mocap library assets
  • Improved 3D Gizmos with the addition of Screen Space
  • And finally our Space Swichting / Dynamic Parenting constraint to let a character manipulate props more easily


If you've missed out on the above-mentioned features on macOS and would like to give akeytsu another spin, feel free to contact us directly here so we can give you another chance at a 1-month trial.

We need your help to make akeytsu a better tool.
Write us on forums or our discord channel if you would like us to consider improvements.