How To Add Audio Tracks

By Charles-Arthur BOURGET

Audio files can now be imported in akeytsu. You can create multiple audio layers for your animation to add music or dialogs to synch your work with.

Version : 2020.1


  • Add audio layer through the "Audio Wave" icon found in the Mixer
  • You will be prompted to select an audio file (.mp3, .ogg or .wave)
  • An audio layer will pop up in your Timebar
  • Click on audio layer to preview and load audio samples
  • Use "Wave +" icon in Stacker to load additional audio files
  • Select an audio sample in Stacker and hit "Wave -" icon to remove
  • Audio clips are handled just like keys
  • Moving a clip over another will override the overlapped section
  • Right on Timebar and select Update Audio File to replace current audio clip
  • Volume can be adjusted through the Mixer slider
  • Use CTRL + LMB on an audio clip in Stacker to duplicate


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