How To Automate the Creation of an Anim Cycle

By Charles-Arthur BOURGET

Save half the work when creating animation cycles in akeytsu. Get the first step right and we take care of the rest with Cyclemaker.

Version : 2020.1.4


  • Only 4 keys suffice to create a full walk cycle
  • Key in your poses for the first step/part of your cycle
  • Don't forget to add a loop key through the Stacker
  • Hit the "Cycle Step" button in the Cycle Maker dialog
  • Second step will be automatically generated. SImple and easy.
  • After doing this, any key can be manually edited to create an asymmetrical cycle
  • Changes can be mirrored to the other side using  "Cycle Side" in the Cyclemaker dialog
You may use CycleMaker functions to easily create any form of cycle where you need to mirror teh first half of your animation to create the second half (example: dance moves)


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