How To Perform Basic Transforms

By Charles-Arthur BOURGET

Why did we create the Spinner? Our very special axis manipulator and your transform hub in akeytsu. Find out and learn about its basics MRS controls.

Version : 2019.2


  • Place Spinner close to your model
  • Slide while holding right-click in red zone to change x value, green for y value, blue for z value
  • By default use I,O,P to switch between Move, Rotate, Scale modes
  • Hold MMB in coloured zones for Free Rotate mode
  • You can use Spinner controls in combination with standard gizmos in viewport to save time
  • Right-click the Rotation icon to switch to Compensated Rotation mode
  • In Scale mode, LMB on yellow icon in the middle of the Spinner to scale all axis at once
  • Right-click Scale icon to switch to Squash and Stretch mode


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