How To Replicate Posings

By Charles-Arthur BOURGET

We made copy-pasting a a powerful tool for animators in akeytsu ! See how this can be put to good use in this video.

Version : 2020.1


In akeytsu we made copy-pasting a powerful tool for animators. When copying a joint all transformations are cached. here is how to use this effectively
  • Copy single-joint values with CTRL+C
  • Paste on another with CTRL+V
  • You can paste on several joints too... at the same time in case of a multiple selection
  • You can copy-paste across joint chains with similar hierarchy levels to duplicate posings quickly especially for fingers
  • You can copy from anywhere in the timeline and paste on any key to create poses quickly
  • To copy on multiple fingers at once, MMB wrist parent joint to select all fingers
  • Use CTRL+LMB to unselect parts if needed
  • Paste to duplicate across the different joint chains

We need your help to make akeytsu a better tool.
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