Blendshape Controls

By Charles-Arthur BOURGET

Our blendshape workflow is extremely simple and easy to work with. It allows for direct interaction with the 3D model. This new UX approach proves to be extremely enjoyable and efficient especially when working with facial blendshape controls. This will certainly open up new possibilities for studios who thought of blendshape animation as a tedious process to go through.

Credits : Sky Surfer 3D Sculpt by Sergey Katsukov , Sky-Surfer 3D Model by Etienne "Vexod14" Beschet
Version : 2019.4.6


  • Introduction - 00:10
  • Getting Started - 00:58
  • Basic Blendshape Controller - 03:16
  • One-direction Blendshape Controller - 04:29
  • Four-direction Blendshape Controller - 06:11
  • Intermediary Blendshape Point - 07:57
  • Parallel Channel Addition - 08:57
  • Mirroring & Removal - 09:52
  • Animating Blendshape Controls - 10:39


When you import an .fbx with blendshapes you can now see that all blendshapes are listed in the hierarchy of your tree. Simply press the lever icon in the dedicated blendshape windows to create a new controller.
From there you will first be asked to define the zone of selection for this blendshape controller. As for other controls in akeytsu we want them to be easily selected by interacting with your model. In this example we have not smoothened the selection area but of cours all our brush tools are available to do so.
From there simply drag a drop a given shape to associate with a mouse direction. Once you have assigned blendshapes to all 4 directions. That's it. You're done. Just select the controller on your viewport and manipulate. Ain't that sweet? Smooth and easy.
Of course there is more to this for advanced riggers and we will keep on adding in future updates. As for now you can already create more channels for a given direction to manipulate multiple blendshapes at once, add a blendshape point to a given channel to manipulate two blendshapes in sequence and even assign three different controls to a given selection area with different mouse shorcuts (RMB, LMB, MMB).

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