How To Set Up a Reverse Foot

By Charles-Arthur BOURGET

If you don't want to lose ground, here is how to set a Reverse Foot in akeytsu (7 clicks total)

Version : 2019.2.3

Please note that the Create Reverse Foot button was moved to the Rig Atelier window since 2020.1


  • Select leg joint chain from ball of foot to hip (min. 4 joints)
  • Switch to Bind Pose (if not in Bind Pose already)
  • Create Reverse Foot controller (Rig Atelier dialog)
  • Adjust controller limits
  • Switch to Paint & Check (in Char Bank dialog) to test RF behaviour
  • (Optional) Create and parent a new joint to ball of foot
  • (Optional Transfer tiptoe weights to this new joint for additional control over tiptoe


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