Retargeting Workflow

By Charles-Arthur BOURGET

In this tutorial we show you how to transfer animations from one character to another using akeytsu Retargeting module. To do this a T-pose will be created and set as Ref Pose for both characters before animations are retargeted. An additional use case to transfer a BVH source animation onto a target character will be demonstrated after we have covered the general use case.

Credits : Sky Surfer 3D Sculpt by Sergey Katsukov , Sky-Surfer 3D and e-Lyse Model by Etienne "Vexod14" Beschet
Version : 2020.2.5


  • Introduction - 00:00
  • Loading assets - 00:29
  • Adjusting Framerates - 01:26 
  • Scene Set-up - 02:06
  • Creating T-Poses to be used as Ref Poses for Retargeting - 02:57
  • Setting up T-Poses as Ref Poses - 07:15
  • Offsetting existing animations to new Ref poses - 07:46
  • Matching hierarchy from source to target character - 08:01
  • Retargeting animations and reviewing results - 09:20
  • Retargeting limitations - 10:32
  • Bonus: Retargeting BVH mocap file onto character (same methodology) - 12:42


  • Load assets with a similar framerate into the same scene
  • (Optional) In the rigging tab, in Bind Pose, add an IK chain from Pelvis to Head to straighten Spliner more easily
  • In the rigging tab, create a T-Pose in Paint & Check mode (Character Bank)
  • Set T-Poses as new Ref Poses for both characters (Character Bank)
  • Switch to the Animation tab (TAB key) and convert existing aniamtions so that they are offset to match new Ref Poses
  • From there start Retargeting module (Anim Bank)
  • Match target and source hierarchy and start Retargeting. Make sure you correctly define Source and Target.
  • Retargeted animations can be browsed in a dedicated folder created in Anim Bank
  • For animations created and saved in .akt, all layers are preserved when Retargeting

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