How To Enable Sticky Aim For Orients

By Charles-Arthur BOURGET

Finetuning pivots can be a tedious task when working on a rig ! To save time-eating adjustements make sure you enable Sticky Aim. Default behaviour when moving joints is that their orients retain world coordinates. With Sticky Aim ON you can ensure orients are kept relevant locally at all time when tweaking skeleton. Sticky 2nd and Keep Direction options are just a click away and give you additional control over the normal axis depending on your preferences.

Version : 2020.2


  • By default orients won't realign automatically when moving joints in akeytsu rigging mode
  • With Sticky Aim ON, the "aim" axis is kept pointed at the child joint
  • The orientation of the parent joint is also adjusted to be kept pointed at the selected joint
  • Transverse axis of selected joint is also preserved
  • By enabling "Sticky 2nd" option, normal axis is kept in the plane of the joint chain
  • When that plane is flipped the direction of the normal axis changes accordingly
  • You may want to preserve the direction of the normal axis as it defines a sense of rotation you are comfortable with
  • In that case use the Keep Direction option to bypass default behavior
  • This Sticky Aim system is virtualized if need be to adapt to any pivot configuration but it is important to understand its underlying logic for better efficiency


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