The breathtaking advantages of Akeytsu

Download the trial of Akeytsu 1.0
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Our 30-Day trial has the full feature set of the current licensed version. It allows you to test models from your modeling program and export animations and poses created in Akeytsu to your rendering software, game engine or share directly on publishing platforms such as Sketchfab and Artstation.  

Our trial version is free and is not for commercial use.
Please install it and follow the instructions to receive your trial license key. The trial is active for 30 days.

The outstanding features include: 
  • Akeytsu Light Rig 
  • Akeytsu IK/FK Solver
  • Akeytsu Stacker 
  • Akeytsu Spinner
  • Akeytsu Curveboard
  • Akeytsu Cyclemaker