Release History

Version 2019-2-1 ( [2019/09/18]

  • macOS is now supported
  • Custom leg joint chain for Reverse Foot
  • Update Skinned Mesh : replaces skinned mesh by unbound mesh and transfers skinning data
  • Smart Pivot Reorientation: pivot orientations are recomputed in animation mode according to how they are edited in Bind Pose
  • obj and .dae (Collada) formats can now be imported
  • Target size now customizable for each Inverse Kinematics/Reverse foot handle

  • Display: OS-Driven High Resolution management
  • Settings: Exposed a “quality vs performances” Rendering preference to let user choose between Fast/Balanced/Beautiful rendering (PC only, still in test for macOS)
  • UI: Skin Atelier panel now split between Painter panel with skinning brush tools and lighter Skin Atelier window
  • Controls: Added middle and right-click behavior on transform channel checkboxes and master checks
  • Misc: Default save path now set to loading directory. Similarly, export FBX save path is now set to the directory of the imported FBX file & the same goes for AKNM pathes
  • Misc: Logged an error message when Cycle Side fails due to an odd number of keys
  • UI: Removed vertical bar on the left of Tree and the Preferences panels to save space

Bug fixes
  • Toggling ghosting on/off with shortcut now works even when not on a key
  • Brush paint: brush does not paint hidden vertices anymore
  • Fixed weight removal with brush when a mesh is not "Reset&Freezed"
  • Smooth skinning: better behavior when skinning “umbrella-like” meshes
  • Mirror Skin and Mirror Skeleton now consider joint sides from Bind Pose (previously from Check Pose)
  • Improved display order of Gizmo axis in specific cases
  • Timeline tick marks now match keys when animating at 24 fps
  • Timeline does not display a given tick mark several times anymore
  • Restored gizmo highlight when spinner is hovered on in paint mode
  • Fixed IK/RF right-click bug when click was interpreted as a rotate ball selection
  • In BindPose, skeleton scale does not lead to skinned meshes geometry transformations anymore
  • In BindPose, changing the CompensateScale mode of a joint does not modify Skinned Mesh geometry anymore
  • Character scale and root joint CompensateScale: in BindPose, mesh geometry is not impacted by joint scales anymore
  • Fixed vertex normals import/export problem (W = 1): normalized vertex normal at import and mesh Reset&Freeze

  • Bind skin: Crash fixed when the character is under a mesh to bind
  • Mirror skin and joint: Crash fixed when no skinning has been done
  • Copy skin: Crash fixed when another mesh is selected while a Copy Skin vertex selection is active

Version 2019-1-1 (  [2019/07/30]

  • License check system updated to handle subscription-based licenses
  • Increased security for license check
  • Minor menu updates

Version 1.2.1 [2018/11/01]

Crash Fixes
  • Fixed a V1.2.0. crash, when loading a file:
    Containing Reverse Foot controllers
    Containing other controllers (like IKs) created AFTER these Reverse Foot controllers

Version 1.2.0 [2018/10/30]

  • IK and Reverse Foot rework
     More stable
     More accurate
     Transform actions more accurate
     Backward compatibility (ability to reload old files containing RF)
  • In BindPose/RefPose, when you move an ancestor of an IK/RF string, IK/RF controller is now moved relatively
  • Meshes are now optimized at import and file loading
  • Tree: When a character has no more joint, his meshes are unskinned
  • Skin Atelier: Removed 0. step in weight spinner, restored weight edition with weight buttons
  • Added selection "Descendants Only" on MiddleMouseButton click (useful to quickly select all fingers!)
  • Added display preferences, added setting "Show Decorators affects all views"
  • Added shortcut to Show/Hide selected objects (press H)
  • Added 64 bits PNG texture support by converting to 32 bits
  • Rounded values at FBX export
  • Added version number under Main menu logo

Crash Fixes
  • Fixed a crash when a mesh is imported without vertex
  • Fixed a crash with a Dual screen config, when rectangle selection bottom right corner was outside the main screen

Bug Fixes
  • Curveboard: The curves are now also auto-focused if the user selects an IK/RF (not just a joint)
  • Fixed unique name for characters
  • Fixed UVs, normals, colors export
  • Fixed mirroring functions to use the hardcoded plan Y-Z (and not depend anymore on Aim and Second axes settings from Skeleton window)
  • Smooth skin bug fixed: Weights were set to infinite values in some cases. Notably when the smoothing part was too strong
  • Fixed: User could not use MirrorSkin action anymore when the character did not have mesh

Version 1.1.0 [2018/05/21]

  • Hide Skinned Mesh Vertices (new command in Skin Atelier)
  • Vertex Lasso Selection (available on mouse middle button in Rigging Part)
    Hand-draw a closed figure (one single "click'n'drag" or several "clicks'n'drag")
  • Ability to select front vertex only (pick/rectangle/lasso)

  • Unified selection “Full Paint mode“: now available for Painter action and selection, vertex rectangle selection and lasso selection
  • Added/Modified cursor for vertices selection
  • The "+" button on the numpad expands the selection in a classic way ; no more ring stuff 
  • Back of the scene characters are now lighted
  • Curveboard: AutoFocus when the user starts a joint selection. Autofocus when the user hides or shows channel.
  • LogProgressManager now also updates the Windows taskbar 
  • FBX: Optimized Uvs, Normals and Colors imports
  • Added scale display (disabled) in Transform window in Default and Bind Pose 
  • Allowed MRS transformations on meshes in Animation mode
  • Akeytsu installer now installs VC Redistributable vcredist2013 and vcredist2015
  • Tweaked the red, green, blue and orange colors of Akeytsu UI

Crash Fixes
  • Fixed crash when pasting (transform) without animation (button was not supposed to be active in this case)
  • Fixed crash when reorienting with non controllers under joints
  • Fixed crash when autosave folder was not writable

Bug Fixes
  • FBX: Fixed materials export
  • Fixed timeline bug (cursor frame index)
  • Various bug fixes (DropList rendering, crash on IK deletion, Import freeze, curveboard crash, etc.)

Version 1.0.6 [2018/02/19]

Crash Fixes
  • Fixed: UVs multi layer crash at export
  • Fixed: Loading some old akt file crash

Version 1.0.5 [2018/02/16]

Bug Fixes
  • FBX Export: UVs and Normals were badly exported (since V1.0.4)

Version 1.0.4 [2018/02/14]

Crash Fixes
  • FBX Import: Akeytsu rendering crashed after importing meshes without normal
  • Akeytsu could randomly crash (crashes were related to timer events)

Bug Fixes
  • Akeytsu installer: No more problems with Akeytsu installation on 64 bits OS
  • UI scaling: A few windows (including FrameRate pop up and Credits window) were not correctly displayed in 4K resolution
  • FBX Import: Akeytsu was not conservative concerning vertex colors, smoothing groups, multi UV layers, multi normal layers
  • Mirroring
     Fixed mirror skeleton with scales
     Central joints were sometimes badly symmetrized
  • Other main bug fixes
     Transform channel controls sometimes displayed odd numbers
     Fixed rendering when switching to animation mode while Start skin mode was used in Rigid
     Painter: Fixed brush affecting not selected vertices in case of multiple meshes
  • Misc
     Stack color was not correctly computed when extracting a stacker
     Fixed Skeleton window help (Wiki) link
     Fixed previously changed dump files file type from ".dmp" to ".dump"

Version 1.0.3 [2017/12/23]

  • New licensing handling (Single-seat/Multiple-seat)

Bug Fixes
  • Exported joints were not seen as joints anymore when imported in Shade3D

Crash Fixes
  • In BindPose, mirroring (Skin Atelier window) when then skeleton has already been mirrored does not crash anymore
  • In Animation part, mirroring (Transform window) an IK string or RF string joint not present in the current stacker (hammer off) does not crash anymore
  • Reparenting an object under one of its descendants does not crash anymore

Version 1.0.2 [2017/12/18]

  • Akeytsu can now use more RAM (from 2 to 4 GB)
  • If shader compilation leads to warnings or errors, a file is now logged in User’s AppData folder
  • Improved skinning shader compilation for Intel cards
  • Added Undo stack limit in General preferences
  • FBX export: 
     Excluded animations if no linked joints are exported
     Added "Export Character node" option (true by default)
  • Mirroring stuff: Added tags patterns_L_|_R_,_l_|_r_

Main Bug Fixes
  • Memory crash during save could corrupt saved file
  • IK/RF
    Enhanced Interpolation
    Inherit Rotate mode was not handled correctly with ReverseFoot
    Fixed mirror/cycle IK/RF issue with non-standard joint orientations of the string parent
  • Fixed toon scale on unskinned mesh (the mesh was previously translated)
  • Rotate/Inherit rotate had not always the same world/local space in the Spinner
  • FBX Import: animated dummies are now imported as joints
  • The rigid skin mirrored is now always really rigid 

Also several other crash and bug fixes...

Version 1.0.1 [2017/11/15]

  • UI minor changes
  • It is not possible anymore to add an IK to joints constrained by a Reverse Foot
  • Changed Spinner Combo Move Rotate Mode default value to false

Main Bug Fixes
  • Prevented OS(Windows) to consider Akeytsu as not responding (V1 black screen)
  • ReverseFoot roll had issues in some cases of specific joint orientation
  • When loading an akt with a Ref Pose, IK controllers were badly placed either in "Skin and Check" mode or in Animation mode (depending upon the active mode when the file was saved)
  • Performances issue in "Skin and Check" mode, when character hierarchy was heavy (a lot of animation objects for instance) 

Also several other crash and bug fixes...

Version 1.0.0 [2017/10/25]

New Features
  • One-click FK/IK Reverse Foot (on a single skeleton)
  • New skinning workflow
  • New poses system
     Animation conversion (after Ref Pose changed)
  • Multi bind poses
     For FBX imported with several bind poses we keep only the one which influences most points
     We do the same for AKT with several bind poses
  • Totally new UI (Flat)
  • Sketchfab integration
  • Export FBX
     Embed Media option
     Character position
  • Frame rate management
     Animation resampling
  • Extended ways to open/import files in Akeytsu
     Drag and Drop on Akeytsu window
     Double click on Akeytsu files (FBX or AKT). Open a new Window or use existing window
     Drag and Drop on Akeytsu.exe
  • Spinner
     Move + rotate combo mode
     Rotate ball on MMB
  • Misc
     Center joints on vertex selection
     Joints only mirroring
     Skinned mesh lock
     Gizmo 3D move plan and snap
     Mesh reset and freeze

  • Increase Curveboard performances
  • Allowed Scale in Rigging mode when selection is composed of non-skinned meshes
  • IK Controller pole angle data are now cached and displayed
  • AKNM export and import through the Anim bank (addition of softer name matching and animation selection)
  • The Spinner and the Gizmo are now activated when needed
  • Deleted default character after import (if empty)
  • FBX Import
     Fixed FBX import transformation problems
     Improved management of the missing properties of materials
     Not supported 3D nodes are now imported as dummies
  • When creating an animation, we don't rename immediately the animation
  • It's no possible anymore to rename an item with only space character

Crash fixes
  • Fixed graphic cards crashes
  • Import multiple characters
  • Akeytsu stacker stuff (Create, Extract, Hammer) doesn’t crash anymore

Bug fixes
  • IK with Layer now works correctly
  • License management no longer loops on some Windows versions
  • Updated ghost positions when character is moved during animation
  • When we parent a joint under a character, this one is now seen by the character (=>Picker is now updated)
  • It’s now possible to add/remove hammer from the picker if object is not selected
  • Textures and material are not copied anymore when imported

Beta 3.6.4 [2017/07/26]

New Features
  • Copy/Paste Skin
  • UE4 and Unity skeleton samples

  • Option to hide 3D manipulator if skin painter is active (excepted if mouse is above the Spinner)

Crash fixes
  • License management looped on some Windows versions
  • Selecting a non skinned mesh and joints, then editing a channel in the Transform window led to a crash

Bug fixes
  • CycleMaker does not offset anymore a non-tagged joint child of tagged one (tagged means has "_L"-like suffix)
  • No more shader codeline leading to a shader compilation error on old Intel drivers
  • Renaming the bind pose in Character bank does not lead anymore to transparent text 
  • Paint Remove and Paint Target (re)work correctly if weight was 1.0
  • Now we force skinning weights normalization during FBX import

Beta 3.5 [2017/03/21]

  • Added “Automatic UI scaling” checkbox in General preferences in order to turn off the feature 
  • Changed “Automatic UI scaling” steps 
  • If a computer is used by several users (school f.i), the license is no more reserved to the user who entered it. Other users of the computer can now use akeytsu. However this modification forces users to re-enter their license number at first start.  

Crash Fixes
  • When file is exported on an already existent fbx file (or when a file is saved as an already existent file) 
  • If user saves, undoes, then makes a new change 
  • When editing transform tab value in animation mode (when there is no current animation track) 
  • When opening non-akt file with Open Scene... 
  • When clicking on Stacker/Select All Keys or Half-Keys without stacker (empty scene)
  • When creating a joint without Character in the current scene 

Bug Fixes
  • The undo submenu entries were without effect, now they undo again
  • Press Alt key alone does not anymore freeze akeytsu until next interaction 
  • Fbx Import with skinned mesh pivots not in 0,0,0 works now correctly
  • No more problem when starting a joint chain downward.  

Beta 3.4 [2017/02/01]

New Features
  • UI Scaling for 4K monitor display (involving graphical resources global rework)
  • Shortcut Manager
  • Autosave
  • RotateBall (Multi-Axis Rotation Gizmo Handling)
  • Added multiple file path memory (Open, Save as, Import & Export)
  • Added Picker IK button 

  • IK solver “rigidity” improvement with better support of “more than 3 joints” chains
  • Licensing: new simplified integrated way to get/use akeytsu Trial licenses
  • "Create key" from Stacker and from Timebar are now unified. Shortcut key K and stacker button now initiate either one or the other depending on the timeline cursor position.
  • In BindPose, Painter brush is now greyed meaning paint actions are neutralized
  • Improvement of performance when shift is clicked over curveboard 

Bug Fixes
  • Fbx Imports functionality now collapses all the layers
  • Akeyboy_sample file is now 1.8 meter high
  • Default scene settings updated to work with standard sized characters
  • No more wrong merge of animation layers when importing fbx exported from akeytsu
  • Paint Tool shortcut is now unavailable in Anim mode
  • Joint duplication has now the right orientation
  • First and last keys tangents of unlooped animations are now correct
  • No more destroyed skinned mesh when deleting the skeleton
  • IK Targets are now automatically delete when IK joints are
  • No more red, blue or green viewport background when last key tangent is dragged in the curveboard
  • Joint dialog/Remove & Tree dialog/Delete are now forbidden when one of the selected objects cannot be deleted Optimized Tree/Select Hierarchy when tree is expanded
  • “Compensated Scale” and “Not Compensated Scale” objects are now imported/exported correctly
  • Key copy/paste feature now use joint name matching first (if possible)
  • Log lines are no longer overlapped in all cases 

Crash Fixes
  • Sometimes if a file was closed
  • Desallocated Mesh data were sometimes used to free GL data
  • When binding skin with very high polygon models
  • When Properties Dialog is refreshed as soon as one of its checkboxes has been used
  • When a not-controller (Mesh for instance) is selected with "hammer" feature activated
  • When MMB double clicking on a joint, with active Painter
  • When exiting akeytsu from the Enter License dialog
  • When modifying character pivot (this is now a forbidden action)
  • When the Picker selected joint is not in the current animation (disabled transform values editing in this case)
  • When picking timebar key left border
  • When a character owns non skinned meshes 

Beta 3.3 [2016/09/28]

  • Added Textured Wireframe rendering mode
  • Added uniform scale in Spinner dialog and in MRS gizmo
  • Skinning shader now handles up to 8 influences per vertex (previous one handled up to 4 influences). Users are now notified when skinning uses more than 8 influences
  • Log messages are now displayed in 3 colors: info messages in grey, warning messages in yellow and error messages in red
  • Added log messages for critical actions

  • Wireframe appeared systematically over skinned meshes in textured mode if "ghosts always in wire" was toggled
  • Unified/fixed/improved ghost rendering modes
  • Paint brush sometimes did not consider peripheral vertices

Beta 3.2 [2016/07/27]

  • Akeytsu exported FBX files could appear as corrupted in external softwares
  • Hierarchy folders (or "dummies") were not exported in akeytsu FBX files, which notably led to position problems in multi-meshes files

Beta 3.1 [2016/07/08]

  • Targa texture files format is now handled
  • Log potential shader errors at startup compilation
  • Clicking on a dialog wheel now opens Preferences window (and selects the right line)

  • Hidden skinned meshes are not treated by Paint brush anymore
  • Unified Wireframe ghost rendering: Wireframe ghosts were not displayed the same way according to main rendering option (Textured or Wireframe)
  • Ghost rendering was sometimes degraded by an obstructive transparent object 
  • Combo control first item exposed a wrong value
  • Mouse cursor was not drawn when hovering a [curveboard] curve
  • Black screens were drawn when resizing akeytsu main window
  • There was a “no man’s land” pixel between views in multiviews mode
  • Diffuse brush was sometimes used while opaque brush was selected in Painter dialog
  • A few Skin workshop buttons were not disabled in Bind Pose
  • Ctrl + LMB did not allow anymore multi joints selection

Beta 3.0 [2016/05/27]

  • Skin  painter  module
  • Skin numerical fields editing
respects new weight sharing rules
formats values ".XXX"
exposes "Select partner influences" in RMB menu
  • When using an interactive, mouse icon is replaced by contextual icons (camera moves, picking, paint brush, etc.)
  • Sweep weights feature fully functional
  • You can now invert a vertex selection using " / " key
  • Selected vertices are now drawn with a smaller square
  • New keyboard shortcuts (skin painter and RMS)
  • Zoom features are not linked anymore to the "horizontal or vertical" option

  • Bind Skin: With “max influences by vertex” = 1, leaves were ignored, even if “Ignore leaves” was not checked
  • Skin numerical fields editing now rounds little values (inferior to 0.001) to 0
  • Windowed mode
When entering akeytsu main window from left or right side, mouse cursor stayed with the resize icon
Resizing main window displayed black frames
  • Numerical fields: Strings ended with ‘2’ characters were offseted 
  • Manipulator MRS moves did not consider hierachy scale

Beta 2.1 [2016/01/22]

  • Potential crash when loading a file

Beta.2.0 [2016/01/21]

  • Multiviews layout
Cf Render settings
'L' shortcut to toggle layout
  • Orthographic cameras
  • Camera choice
Cf Render settings
'1','2','3','4','5','6','7' shortcuts to change camera in focused view
  • Display horizon line when grid is hidden
  • Enlarged MRS 3D manipulator picking zone
  • Highlighted MRS 3D manipulator axes when mouse hovers them
  • Added an height to IK target manipulators

  • NonSkinnedMesh wireframe render improvement (back faces are now greyed)

Beta.1.2 [2015/11/17]

  • Textures were sometimes not displayed
  • A dummy was not created when importing an FBX exported from UE4

Beta.1.1 [2015/10/29]

  • Unit conversion at FBX import

Beta.1.0 [2015/10/27]

  • Onion ghosts available in stackers
  • Distance units and grid settings 
  • Joints and IK targets global render size can be edited in the scene 
  • Use Right/Left RMB drag to zoom in/out in the 3D view

  • Timebar scale in frames when time unit chosen is frames 
  • Delete imported .fbx crashed 
  • Crash on ATI cards when SkinnedMesh was deleted 
  • Infinite loop in IK solving when camera was far from the origin 
  • Preferences dialog moved when a new scene was created

Beta.0.1 [2015/07/20]

  • akeytsu updates checking 
                Automatic at start 
                Available in Help menu
  • Feature requests and bug reports are now centralized in nukeygara forum 
  • Improved GPU info feedback 

  • Shaders now compile on Intel cards 
  • Licensing 
                “akeytsu - Enter License” window: RMB click + Paste does not let "Enter" button greyed anymore
             “Invalid license” was sometimes displayed when user entered a valid license in “akeytsu – Enter License” for the first time.
  • Fixed crash when importing an fbx, then undoing that action
  • Proper captions for buttons in "Save As" and "Export" file choosers. User is now asked for confirmation when trying to overwrite an existing file. 
  • Fixed crash when only one key in a looped stacker 
  • Fixed crashes raised by several shortcuts when activated on an empty file 

Beta.0.0 [2015/06/30]

First downloadable version
  • skeletal animation (akeytsu stacker keyframing system)
  • akeytsu spinner manipulator handling
  • animation layers (akeytsu mixer)
  • akeytsu curveboard
  • akeytsu cyclemaker (special cycles features)
  • akeytsu light rig - mesh controls
  • akeytsu light rig - IK/FK solver
  • akeytsu light rig - skeleton (creation & editing)
  • akeytsu light rig - skinning (creation & vertices editing)
  • animation bank
  • multi-files handling
  • FBX import/export (multi animations export)