It's time for Santa Keytsu 2020

By Charles-Arthur BOURGET

Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! Santa Keytsu comes back yet again this year to give you the opportunity to purchase or renew maintenance for akeytsu at a sweet price during winter holidays. This sales will last until January 5th 2021 and end at midnight CET time. If you've ever considered getting your hands on our accessible and intuitive 3D animation toolset, now is a good time !


This year again we give you the opportunity to get your Indie license at a discounted price for Christmas with a generous 40% discount on the Annual Subscription and the Perpetual License. You can start an Indie Subscription for $105 / 105€ or purchase a perpetual license at $145 / 145€.
For owners of a perpetual license it is also a good opportunity to renew maintenance and enjoy a full year of update at the discounted price of $90 / 90€ - a 30% discount compared to standard price.


We have more gifts for you with two revamped models that were introduced in 2020.3.
Let's start with Akeyboy V2 which got a considerable update. We've remodelled the character with a fresh and modern look. We have included low-resolution textures in our installation package to keep things light but PBR versions can be downloaded from our Free Characters page. Looking at the rig, we have reworked the position of joints and pivot orientations for the skeleton and reskinned everything for improved Move, Rotate and Scale transforms and added a basic facial rig that you can draw your inspiration from for your own cahracters. Taking advantage of Space Switching ie. Dynamic Parenting we have also updated animations with skateboard to show you how it should be done.
On the other hand Sky Surfer is getting new toys for Christmas and can now play with a skysurf and a gun. A Jump Trick sample animation is provided here too so that you can see how to correctly build an animation with a Space Switching layer. PBR textures are downloadable from our Free Characters page.


2020 was again a year filled with many updates to turn aeytsu into the ideal 3D animation tool for Indies and mid-sized studios. In a nutshell, updates included biped Auto Rig, Cameras, Retargeting, Screen Space, Sticky Aim, Space Switching ie. Dynamic Parenting, Audio support, FBX compatibility fixes, BVH importer and many quality-of-life improvements and enhancements to already-existing features.
If you'd like to read on what you have missed out this year, Release Highlight articles are listed below:


The whole Nukeygara team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. The team will get back at work in 2021 after much needed winter holidays.

Stay safe and healthy everyone, much is already in the works for next year so that you have even more possibilities animating in akeytsu !

We need your help to make akeytsu a better tool.
Write us on forums or our discord channel if you would like us to consider improvements.