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2019 Product Roadmap

Charles-Arthur BOURGET on August 8th, 2019

We have kept everyone waiting but we are now ready to share what is coming next for akeytsu.

Today we are sharing our 2019 product roadmap detailing 3 updates to be released by the end of the year.

These updates include :

Major features
  • Native support for macOS
  • Implementation of additive layers and support for voxel skinning
  • An innovative facial blendshape workflow

Other enhancements
  • Animation recomputing after pivot reorientation in Bind Pose
  • Custom leg chain for Reverse Foot
  • Joint light display mode;

The implementation of community requests
  • Step interpolation
  • Custom window size for Tree & Animbank;

And more UX improvements, bug fixes and surprises…

Going forward we wants to release a steady flow of updates to build the ultimate 3D animation toolset.

Our goal is to deliver a minimum of 3 release packs in 2020. We are envisioning quarterly release packs but you should not quote us on that until we have lived through it.
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