a few key facts
                      about akeytsu

"animation & rigging,
                        nothing more..."

akeytsu is the first 3D software program of its kind providing a fast and intuitive solution with character keyframe animation and rigging features only. The result is an uncompromising design where each and every feature was thought for animators.

"akeytsu's motto :
                       designed by & for animators"

Though intrinsically an artistic endeavour, 3D animation has been transformed in a high-level technical activity by the use of current software. These programs are overly complicated with an endless learning curve. 
With its artistic-oriented approach, akeytsu breaks up classic standards of current broad-based solutions by providing a new workflow built on simplicity, velocity and ergonomics. 

"easy and strong integration
            into production pipelines with FBX"

Animate/rig all the character types you want ! Import your mesh in FBX, rig it and animate it in akeytsu and then export your character and all its animations via FBX to game engines.

"the fastest & perfect learning
                                    tool for 3D animation"

akeytsu is a particularly good fit for animation “freshmen”, as it will allow them to grasp the main concepts about 3D animation by really focusing on those instead of the most tedious, technical aspects.
This knowledge will then be applied to any 3D animation software they will encounter during the rest of their training and their career as an animator.

"game industry as a first target...
                               but only a starting point"

At nukeygara we made a choice : providing 3D animation access to the huge community of game developers. Most of them stick with 2D due to 3D issues: overly technical, skills lacking in teams, long learning curves, etc. This situation has to change !
The first akeytsu version fits perfectly with game studios needs.

a glimpse of key features
                    of your new animation tool

"re-thinking the rigging...
                                               with the akeytsu light rig" 

The standard rigging concept has been fully re-thought and simplified to its minimal requirements resulting in an high speed rig process. There is no need anymore for curve controllers to apply transformations, for duplicate skeletons to handle FK and IK separately, etc. The akeytsu mesh controls selection allows to click on mesh surface to select your controls.

"a new way to handle your character...
                                                            with the akeytsu spinner"

Spinner is our smart 2D transformation manipulator designed for speed and efficiency. There is no need to adjust your camera in order to grab standard 3D manipulators thin axes. You may orient your camera once, according to the best viewpoint to create your posing, and use the large spinning colored surfaces to manipulate your model.

"the akeytsu stacker...
                                      the X-Sheet 2.0"

Our custom keyframe manager takes its inspiration from the best of 2D animation industry. We reworked and adapted X-sheet to 3D workflow to offer the most compact, simple and efficient keyframe editor. Last but not least it integrates a built-in layering feature allowing stackers to act as animation layers as well... (mixer window).

"having F-Curves in your scene is a dream for you ?                             
                                                        ... akeytsu's curveboard makes it real !"

The curveboard is akeytsu's fully integrated into the 3D viewport F-Curve editor. The way akeytsu and the curveboard are designed provides the widest possible workspace. From this point on, you will be able to comfortably animate with only one screen. And the look is beautiful, isn't it ? 

"and if IK/FK finally became far easier...
                                                                      with akeytsu"

The time of complicating your workflow is over. Put your IK solvers on your FK skeleton in two mouse clicks and it's done (pole vector and kinematics switches) ! From that moment on put your target in red on keys you want to get an IK behavior (locks, contacts, etc.) and let the rest in white to keep FK behaviour. A very intuitive way to re-think IK/FK !

" you like making cycles ? so you are ...
                                 home now, with our cyclemaker"

Making cycle animations is one of akeytsu's specialties. Our cycling features were designed to produce and modify cycle animations at light speed. In our workflow you only have to produce one half of your animation and akeytsu will handle the rest. It is going to change your life !

system requirements


  • Windows only for the moment. Windows Vista or higher (older versions are untested, Windows XP SP2 should work though)


  • Single-core Pentium 1.5 GHz or better


  • Graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 capabilities. Anything made since 2004 should work. However, on old hardware, you may encounter performance or texturing limitations mainly based on the amount of RAM available. Integrated GPUs (mostly Intel) should be avoided in favor of dedicated GPUs (nVidia, AMD).