stand out features
                              of akeytsu

animation & rigging,
                        nothing more...

akeytsu is the first 3D software program of its kind to provide character keyframe animation and rigging features in one simple and intuitive package. Conceived by professional animators, the result is a state of the art interface where each and every feature was designed for the animator.

designed by
              & for animators

We believe 3D animation should be about the art first. The software currently available on the market have transformed 3D animation into a highly technical occupation. These programs are overly complicated with an endless learning curve. 
Focussed on the artist, akeytsu disrupts the status-quo by providing a new solution built on simplicity, velocity and ergonomics.

seamless integration
            with FBX production pipeline

Animate and rig all types of characters be they human, animal or whatever your imagination creates. Import your mesh from FBX then rig and animate it in akeytsu. Export your character and all its associated animation in FBX format,  ready for use in game engines.

the fastest learning curve 
                                    in 3D animation

akeytsu is a great fit for those new to 3D animation.
Learn the basic concepts of 3D animation without the tedious, technical distractions of more complex software.

These fundamentals can then be applied to any other 3D animation software students might encounter the rest of their career.

key features
                 of your new animation tool

akeytsu light rig:
                                             reimaging 3D rigging

Rigging has been completely rethought and simplified to its most basic elements, resulting in a high speed rig process. No need for curve controllers to apply transformations and duplicate skeletons to handle FK and IK separately. The akeytsu mesh controls allow the selection of a mesh surface with a single click.

akeytsu spinner:
                                                            a new way to transform your character

The spinner is a smart 2D  manipulator tool designed for speed and efficiency.  With the akeytsu spinner you don't waste time adjusting your camera to select thin axis lines on the screen. Just orient the camera to the optimal viewpoint to create your pose and use the large, colored , easy to control spinner tool to manipulate your model in three dimensions . 

akeytsu stacker:
                                      the X-Sheet 2.0

Our custom keyframe manager takes its inspiration from the best of the 2D animation industry. We reworked the X-sheet to fit the 3D workflow, offering the most compact, simple and efficient keyframe editor in its class. It also as a built-in layering feature allowing the stacker to act as animation in the mixer window.

                            akeytsu curveboard:                              
                                                        make all your F-curve dreams come true

The curveboard is akeytsu's F-Curve editor and is fully integrated into the 3D viewport . akeytsu and the curveboard are designed to provide the cleanest possible overall workspace. From now on, you'll be able to animate comfortably in a single monitor. Beautiful, isn't it ? 

     simplifying IK/FK 
                                        with akeytsu

Complicated IK/FK workflows are over. Place your IK solvers on your FK skeleton in just two mouse clicks. Highlight the areas you want to generate an IK behavior from (locks and collisions for example) in red. Leave the areas you wish to preserve FK behavior from in white.  A simple, intuitive solution to IK/FK complexity.

akeytsu cyclemaker: 
                                          fans of cycle animation have a home

Cycle animation is one of akeytsu's specialties. Produce and modify cyle animations at a speed of light. Produce one half of your animation and akeytsu will mirror the rest. This will change your life!

system requirements


  • Currently Windows only. Windows Vista or higher (older versions like Windows XP SP2 haven't been tested  )


  • Single-core Pentium 1.5 GHz or higher


  • Graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 capabilities. Cards made after 2004 are compatible with the exception of when combined to very old hardware. Performance or texturing limitations could result because of the amount of RAM available. Integrated GPUs (mostly Intel) should be avoided in favor of dedicated GPUs (nVidia, AMD).